19 February 2013

Until Next Time

Dear Friends,

        I hope this notice finds you in good health for I could not forgive myself if what I am about to announce causes a sudden cardiac-related event that leads to your instantaneous death/misfortune. I'll just cut to the chase
: this is my formal announcement of withdrawal from Mount Holyoke. 

        After considerably ponderous thought and consideration, I have decided that doing so would only be in my favor.  I could lay out the entire situation right here but for the sake of privacy and a boring explanation, I will refrain from doing so. But in an attempt to explain myself, I will simply say that Mount Holyoke was just not a good fit for me. What has ultimately compelled me to leave is a combination of reasons that include financial, academic, and personal issues. However, I intend to enroll in an architecture program in the fall that will allow me to matriculate with a professional degree rather than this flimsy architectural studies nonsense. So I'm basically just taking the rest of the semester off.

        Vous me manquez! While I am terrible at goodbyes and don't believe in a permanent farewell, I will regret not getting the chance to properly part with everyone. Although I am gone, I would like to thank everyone who has been a friend to me during my time at Mount Holyoke. You've made my time here a lot more enjoyable and for that, I thank you. A huge shout out to MHC Crew: this team is easily my most favorite part of Mount Holyoke despite the 5AM mornings.

        The blog will continue on as I fully intend to resume my studies at a different school. My college experiences have not ended and my leaving Mount Holyoke is just the end of a chapter in the expectedly never-ending tome of the story of my life. 

I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors and hope that you never keep yourself from happiness.


P.S. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have but know that as I write this, I can count the number of people who truly know about my departure on a single hand.